Welcome to Atlantas Metals

Atlantis Metals, based in Johannesburg in South Africa, manufactures cast and rolled lead anodes for local and international customers. These lead and lead-alloy anodes are used for the electrowinning of copper, zinc, nickel, cobalt and manganese.

Following many years of experience in the anode business as well as our association with Electrowinning (Pty) Ltd, Atlantis Metals now offer a patented seamless rolled anode that combines the best of cast/rolled anodes in one.

Our rolled anodes possess significantly improved resistance to intergranular corrosion, and yield:

  • extended service life,
  • the potential for reduction in electrode thickness with a commensurate increase in the number of electrodes per electrowinning cell, and
  • the opportunity to extract higher purity metal product.

In addition, the absence of a lead weld at or close to the solution level as found in standard rolled anodes overcomes the weak point of traditional welded anode blades.